LaxPath Partners with Front Rush - March 31, 2014

Front Rush and LaxPath have teamed up to allow collegiate lacrosse coaches across the country to easily find and add athletes to their Front Rush recruiting software. LaxPath is designed to aid the recruiting efforts of college coaches at every level by providing a comprehensive and easy- to-use catalog of lacrosse talent to help them identify talent as early as possible.

Within every LaxPath recruit profile, college coaches will be able to click the ‘Add to Front Rush’ button and the recruit’s information will appear in the coaches’ Front Rush account. No more data entry or exporting and importing data…find a recruit, click and repeat (continue reading).

All Recruiting Camps Are Not Created Equal - February 1, 2014

Lexington, VA - The college recruiting process can be tough, and lacrosse recruiting is no exception.  It requires players to be extremely proactive, or likely be left in the dust.  Being a great high school player is not going to cut it, especially for Western players outside of traditional lacrosse hotbeds.

An effective way to jump start the process is attending an individual recruiting event.  Space is often limited at recruiting events, and a student-athlete has limited opportunities to attend.  Also, there are very few recruiting events out West, and many players will need to travel East.  This is why it is all the more important for players out West to be well educated on how to choose a recruiting camp (continue reading).

LaxPath Press Release - August 1, 2013

Lexington, Virginia - LaxPath is proud to announce the launch of its FREE online lacrosse recruiting resource and database. LaxPath is a premier lacrosse recruiting and networking site that cultivates the growth of lacrosse by giving players the tools to take control of the college recruiting process.

It is designed for all players interested in playing college lacrosse, coaches at every level of the game, and lacrosse community members (continue reading).