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As lacrosse coaches ourselves, we understand that coaches want their players to win on the field, in the classroom and in all facets of their lives. We know you want your players to reach their full potential.

We also understand that you want to find just the right players for your team. LaxPath is designed to aid the recruiting efforts of college coaches at every level by providing a comprehensive and easy-to-use catalog of lacrosse talent to help you identify talent as early as possible. 

Coaches can use LaxPath to find recruits, track their coaching career, promote their current program, and make connections within the lacrosse community. 

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Some of the features coaches have at their disposal include... 

  • Resume
    Market yourself to players by documenting your playing and coaching career. 
  • Player Search
    Find players that match your athletic and academic requirements.
  • Recommendations
    Receive and request recommendations for players from players and other coaches. You can even request that another coach provides a recommendation for a player!
  • Help Wanted
    List your recruiting needs in our “Help Wanted” section and advertise to the entire LaxPath community.
  • Calendar
    Use our calendar to let players know what events you will be attending. You can also follow potential recruits and track their progress.
  • Videos
    Watch players' games and highlight videos. Coaches may also upload promotional videos of their program to attract their ideal players.
  • Front Rush
    Use the "Add to Front Rush" button to quickly add players to your Front Rush account.
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